TROUP, Texas (KETK) – A century and a half ago the city of Troup was born.

“The railroad came here in 1872, and built the town, when the train came through businesses moved in,” said Suzanne Loudamy the coordinator for Troup’s sesquicentennial celebration.

And now they are celebrating their heritage in a big way.

“We just wanted to bring everybody out and let them see you know a good hometown is still a great place to be.”

Suzanne Loudamy, coordiantor

Over the years the city has grown causing older businesses to close their doors, but their memories still live on.

“It has been wonderful to watch businesses open doors again, new ones come in, old ones decided to come back to life, and it’s just important for people to remember this is your hometown,” said Loudamy.

Troup resident Lee Barton reminisces about the Old Ben Franklin Variety Store his mother used to shop at on Thursdays.

“We would go in there and buy candy because you could buy it by the pound or however, and the guy was always just a big jovial guy and he always made you feel like you were welcome and he would call everyone that came in, he called them cuz.”

Lee Barton, Troup resident

Barton helped with an exhibit at the library where old photos and items were showcased.

“I hope they just enjoy seeing the old stuff and brings back some memories, you know maybe of their parents or whatever is in the photographs that many they didn’t even know existed,” said Barton.

A parade was held, booths were set up, and the community showed support for Cooper Reid the Troup football player that was hurt earlier this season.

“It’s a shot in the arm for our economy, you know not just the money people are going to spend today, but they now see what Troup has to offer, ” said Loudamy. The town hopes they can continue for many more years.

“I hope it grows, I hope they bring in some more businesses, I think we need some more industry around here, so we can create more jobs,” said Barton.

Troup making sure to always remember where they came from.

“Remember how this town was built and how important those days were and there’s still a big part of how this city stays together and moves forward,” said Loudamy.

And sharing their heritage with all who stop by.

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