TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A new program at the City of Tyler allows families to save money on daycares and keep their baby with them at work until they reach six months of age.

“I was able to come back at eight weeks and she was able to come back with me. It really meant a lot to me as an employee and I think it’s helped me be a better mother and employee,” said Director of Utilities, Kate Dietz.

Parents set aside office space such as a playpen, bassinet and a crib. Each employee is required to have two alternate coworkers as volunteer caregivers as extra help when needed.

“So if you have a meeting and you can’t take the baby (while baby is encouraged to go everywhere at work with you) some meetings aren’t doable. Your alternate care provider provides that care. If it is a meeting or a restroom break, there’s someone designated officially who agreed to help with that care,” said Director of Organization Development, Regina Moss.

The city said it is about supporting their employees and honoring them as parents.

“It’s another tool for us to support them and give them away to honor being a parent and to do well at their job without feeling like they have to choose,” said Moss.

After the baby is six months, the city has a retirement ceremony for the baby’s service. This program helps with retention and prevents high turnover rates.

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