City of Tyler to get new traffic management system by February of next year

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TYLER, Texas (KETK)- The city of Tyler will get a new traffic management system that is set to be in place by February of 2022.

The purchase of the new traffic signal communications will total more than $1,000,000.

The system is expected to have a cloud-based software that can be controlled by city staff with access to internet connection.

This could mean a better commute for drivers.

“It’s certain areas in Tyler that I think definitely contribute to a lot of accidents,” said Tylerite Tadacia Williams. “Mainly the turning lanes. It will turn yellow, but then it’ll turn red really fast. That’s usually how I see a lot of accidents.”

The new traffic system will include software, traffic signal communications, traffic signal controllers and vehicle detection.

The city plans to install 127 cellular communication devices for better signal communication which means traffic lights syncing up, promoting a safer commute for East Texans.

Tyler Traffic Engineer, Cameron Williams, said the system isn’t a silver bullet.

“You can’t snap your fingers and make the traffic congestion go away but it gives our staff and myself the ability to better manage and implement changes in the field and find when things are not working correctly instead of taking months or weeks to get that done.”

From controller and communication upgrades, the project will touch all aspects of the city and many residents of Tyler are concerned about where the funding will be coming from.

“This project is funded through our half cent sales tax fund and that is our capital improvement project that the City plans and puts forward”, said Williams. 

The new traffic system will allow the City of Tyler vehicles and emergency responders to control traffic signals in emergencies.

“We don’t have those capabilities right now. This equipment and software sets us up to be able to do that in the future”, said Williams.

City officials said the new traffic management system is planned to be installed and operational by February.

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