GREGG COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – Cleanup is underway in Gregg County after Tuesday night’s storm caused several trees in one Warren City neighborhood to fall over.

Overall Gregg County didn’t have much damage, but George Richey Road had at least 15 trees down, along with several power lines.

The King family lives off of George Richey Road and they had a rude awakening last night as the thunderstorm ripped through their neighborhood.

“We heard the big winds and so we went to the closet in the bedroom. My husband was looking out the back door and he’s like ‘Stay in the closet,’” Donette King said. “I heard something coming and next thing we know, we hear trees falling and hitting up against the house.”

A couple of pine trees in their back yard barely missed their home, but it did take down a power line, causing some neighbors to loose power.

The Warren City Volunteer Fire Department has been busy for weeks because of the storms. They have been cleaning off the roads and putting out grassfires for nearly two weeks now.

Gregg County officials said this storm season has impacted them worse than it has in years.

“Mainly for us we have just been dealing with the rain and the power lines,” said Gregg County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Craig Harrington. “It has put a strain on the resources especially with two straight weeks of this but so far, we make do with what we got.”

The Warren City VFD is asking the community for water bottle donations at this time. If you would like to donate, visit their Facebook page.