TYLER, Texas (KETK) — The winter storm in East Texas significantly impacted locals, and many are still dealing with the mess.

Texas Organic Soil in Tyler has seen an influx of customers needing to offload brush. Shane Butler, the senior director at Texas Organic Soil, shared that their drop-off line usually takes about 10 minutes, but Monday morning it was a two-hour wait.

“It’s been crazy the amount of brush we’ve had brought in,” Butler said.

They have 62 acres and are filling up quick. 

“We are very close to being completely out of space and having to come up with a different method,” Butler said.

At Texas Organic, all the brush gets composted and turned into organic matter. He mentioned it is best to bring your material there so it does not go to waste and fill up the dump.

“A double whammy in the fact that it’s made it hard for us to operate on the yard, and receive brush,” Butler said.

They’re doing what they can so people can continue dropping off. 

Meanwhile, Henderson County is transferring into the recovery phase.

“We still have a lot of debris to clean up throughout the county. Most of our electricity has come back on,” said Shane Renberg, Henderson County Fire Marshal and Emergency Management Coordinator.

He shared that cleanup may take weeks. Crews have teamed together to take care of the damage.

“Personnel, dump trucks, and stuff,” Renberg said. “We did have a couple of saw crews come in from the state since we declared a disaster.”

For those in Henderson County, he says everyone should complete the I-STAT form that they’ve received from the county or state.

“If people will fill out that form, that is for personal property, we want to know how people’s properties were affected and what type of cleanup they have to do,” Renberg said.

He said by filling out this form, it will help them in the future.