EAST TEXAS (KETK) — Safety is on the minds of parents, students and schools as they get ready to head back to class. The latest topic for being proactive in school safety is clear backpacks, in hopes it will create safer campuses. 

“It’s not that huge of a deal to me. I think I’d be fine with it,” said upcoming high school senior Caden Mischon 

Mischon said his private school in Tyler is not requiring them, but also says he wouldn’t mind if it were mandatory at some point. He said the lack of privacy would just take some getting used to. 

“That would be kind of like weird, because you have no privacy in your bag now at school but you know I mean it’s just one of the consequences for safety,” explained Mischon. 

The store director Randy Smiley said clear backpacks are a newer product he hasn’t seen until recently. When it comes to backpacks that are see-through, there are options, like clear and mesh ones from a variety of brands including Nike and Jansport. 

“This is a little harder material here, the mesh backpacks are a little more pliable, a little more movable and still you can see in them,” said Smiley. 

Smiley said right now they are popular for sporting events for security purposes, but he hasn’t seen many back-to-school shoppers just yet.  

“We’re still kind of early you know and I think we’ll see you know an uptick on this as we move forward, especially tax-free weekend,” added Smiley. 

Tyler, Longview and Bullard ISD all say at this time they are not requiring see-through backpacks.  

Longview says they are working on giving them out free of charge for families who request them.