COFFEE CITY, Texas (KETK) – On Thursday, the Mayor of Coffee City Jeff Blackstone gave an update in regards to citizens concerns over paying citations given by what they think were untrustworthy cops after the department was deactivated earlier this month.

Blackstone told KETK that people still need to pay their citations and that many people haven’t had an issue getting that done as they can use a payment plan or take defensive driving. When it comes to tickets for going 10 or more mph over the speed limit, Blackstone said “people should do the right thing and pay.”

If an individual chooses to go to trial over a citation, Blackstone said the court will subpoena the cop who gave to ticket as a witness in the case. If the cop does not show up to the hearing, the judge will be the one to make a final decision on the citation. Blackstone added they will use the cameras from the cars and officer’s vest as evidence if needed during the trial.

Not only was the police department in Coffee City deactivated after an investigation done by KHOU 11, but the Chief of Police JohnJay Portillo was terminated as well.

Blackstone said Portillo is appealing his termination from Coffee City and filed for unemployment.

Coffee City will be holding a city council meeting on Monday where Blackstone said they will clarify this information to all residents who are concerned about paying their citations.