ELKHART, Texas (KETK) — On Friday, an Elkhart ISD bus was involved in a single-vehicle crash going west on Highway 294. A total of 15 people were injured and all are expected to make a full recovery, according to Elkhart ISD Superintendent Dr. Lamont Smith.

He said the situation was definitely terrifying, but thankfully, everyone is okay.

The bus was headed to Clifton High School for their Friday night football game when it rolled over and landed in a ditch. Dr. Smith shared what the impact is like for the school.

“You know our hearts are heavy, but in the midst of that heaviness, we believe that coming together is so critical,” Smith said. “We often give family news and updates as to what’s going on with us. We believe that we act like a family, but we work like a team.”

Elkhart is a small community, where many people are affected by accidents like this one.

“Everyone around here loves these kids,” Elkhart resident Johnnie Keeling said. “They are so proud of them and the many activities that they do. When they hurt, we hurt, and we just want them to be successful and to be well and to go forward from this.”

“In difficult times, it’s often people come together, and they do what they feel is best and that’s what we’re doing,” Smith said.

So far, no fundraisers have been set up, but if they are needed in the future, the district will be supporting them as much as they can. The Anderson County Sheriff’s office said that Friday’s heavy rains caused dangerous road conditions all over the area and they want to remind people to be more cautious while driving in the rain.

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