NOTE: An earlier version of this story said 17 staff members had left the district. It has since been clarified that the 17 staff members instead intend to leave if they do not find a resolution to the issues in the district.

RUSK COUNTY, Texas (KETK) — Leverett’s Chapel ISD was set to have its school board meeting Monday night after their last special meeting was canceled leaving several parents and students upset. Community members say four meetings have been canceled due to board members failing to show up. Some are now questioning the future of this school district.

“To be honest, it’s been really stressful because our school that I’ve been attending for forever is like on the verge of getting shut down,” said 11th grade student, Jackeline Avlos.

A regularly scheduled board meeting was set to take place Monday night. Only two board members were present and three of them are needed for a quorum. This makes it the fourth cancellation in a row.

“We have a one-person show here instead of the board of directors involved in the right ways and stuff like that. One person is trying to take over is what it sounded like to me,” said Sandy Williams, alumni of class of 1963.

Some alumni and parents say the school board is to blame for failing to show up. The acting superintendent, Matt Everett, has requested to resign from his position.

“The board members decided not to show up. The board members in question that we are trying to have removed from the board have basically gone MIA. They duct taped their mailbox to where the agenda couldn’t be put there and left a note saying it was a federal offense, even though that’s what’s been done since they’ve been on the board,” said parent, Melissa Morrow.

The agenda included discussing the resignations of board members and the superintendent, but with the new school year around the corner, the Leverett’s Chapel community is frustrated with no solution in sight.

“It just takes your breath away because I went to school from kindergarten through graduation and it really hurts to see that somebody is that bad of a person that they would do something like this,” said Williams.

Parents like Melissa Morrow say they know at least 17 staff members who intend to leave the district if the issues are not corrected. She stressed that the district cannot afford to lose a leader like Matt Everett and emphasized that many more teachers are willing to leave with him.

“Matt was thrown into the superintendent spot because our other superintendent resigned. He was left with all of this. So it’s been very stressful for him. He only wants what is best for this school. So, him resigning, I think he thought that would be the best option and I hope that we’ve shown him that it’s not,” said Morrow.

The rescheduled meeting will take place Friday, July 22 at the Leverett Chapel ISD Auditorium at 5:30 pm.  

If the situation is not resolved, students could face going to other schools in the area like West Rusk ISD, Overton ISD, Tatum ISD and Laneville ISD, a teacher told KETK News.

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