CHANDLER, Texas (KETK) — Tonya Kaufmann and her husband Matt come from an Amish-Mennonite faith. They said opening a bakery seemed like the perfect service to provide for their community.

“Part of our heritage and our tradition is hospitality, is baking, is taking care of people through food,” said Tonya Kaufmann, owner of Honeycomb Bakery & Coffee.

They express their love for God, through the name of their shop.

“I was reading a verse and it said God’s word is sweeter than honey from a honeycomb, and so we decided on honeycomb bakery,” said Kaufmann.

Using family recipes from up north, Kaufmann said she wasn’t sure how East Texans would respond, but quickly the town made them feel like family.

“When you support locally, you’re supporting relationships in your community, and relationships as you grow them, your community grows stronger,” said Aron Adalian, customer.

They are open Tuesday through Saturday and they said they meet someone new every time they open their doors.

“To have the community embrace us and support us when we aren’t native, I think that’s so amazing in a time like this,” said Kaufmann.

With a variety of treats and drinks customers said, they never leave disappointed.

” You know I really hope to see great things with their business, so far it has been amazing, I mean, so it’s just very important for people to come out to support so that we can have this for many years to come,” said Erica Harmon, customer.

Everyone is rooting not only for the business but for the Kaufmanns too.

“People should come by and meet them, they are great, they are wonderful with kids, they love people well,” said Adalian

Kaufmann said she couldn’t have done it without all the amazing people stopping by. One day, she hopes she can return the favor.

“My hope is that everyone that comes in this door gets a little bit of joy, gets a little bit of goodness, gets a little bit of love, and to know that they are valuable, they are important, just to know that we care,” said Kaufmann.

If you can’t make it by the shop when it’s open, Honeycomb Bakery and Coffee will have a booth at this weekend’s Pow-Wow in Chandler.

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