HALLSVILLE, Texas (KETK)- People remembered Daisy George on Tuesday by wearing her favorite color, purple to the annual Hallsville Christmas Parade.

George was tragically killed during a hunting accident on Saturday.

“We sat together on the bus a few times, and we both liked singing Disney songs together,” said Hallsville student Brianna Cox. 

Cox and her mom, Amanda Duncan, attended the Christmas Parade in support of George and her family.

“I was honestly completely taken aback. I didn’t think she would know her given Daisy was in 6th and Brianna is in 5th grade” said Duncan.

It was after George’s death that Duncan discovered the girls had rode the bus to school together. Both the mother and daughter have held strong through the news of the tragic accident, and they shared the school district has been helpful to them.

“The support has really been great. I let Brianna know the day of that if she needs anything just let anybody know. They’ll make sure it’s taken care of,” said Duncan.

People sat along the streets during the parade and had t-shirts made to honor George. Duncan mentioned that living in East Texas her entire life and being part of a strong-knit community like Hallsville is a blessing.

“It’s really awesome to be a part of something and to know that at any moment everyone will come together for a good cause and make sure that this holiday season isn’t going to change. We know she’s with Jesus and that’s all we can really hope for,” said Duncan.

The whole community is supporting the George family.