CORRIGAN, Texas (KETK) – A company gave Polk County volunteer fire departments $16,000 to help them battle fires during a statewide drought, according to CSRwire.

Georgia-Pacific is lending a helping hand to several first responders, who have seen an increase in fires due to the hot weather. The company produces tissues, building products and more.

“Georgia-Pacific understands the vital role volunteer firefighters have in East Texas communities,” said Yana Ogletree, Georgia-Pacific public affairs Manager. “For many years Georgia-Pacific has invested in area volunteer fire departments, whether it is helping to purchase new tankers and life-saving equipment or funding training and operations.”

The business donated funds to fire departments in Corrigan, Livingston and Onalaska. Corrigan firefighters are receiving $10,000, and they will use the money to update their trucks.

“These funds come at a time when we have been inundated with brush fires,” said Jimmy McDonald, Corrigan volunteer fire chief. “With limited equipment, high fuel costs, and outfitting firefighters with the appropriate equipment, we can use all of the donations we can get.”

The Corrigan Fire Department is also raising money to get a new facility. McDonald said they have secured the land where they can build the new building.

Georgia-Pacific also gifted $5,000 to the Livingston Volunteer Fire Department. This team has 37 members and apart from helping the city of Livingston, they also fight fires in other areas of the county.

“We actively work more than 500 calls each year while also providing backup to the other ten departments located within the county,” said John Haynes, Livingston volunteer fire department assistant fire chief. “Georgia-Pacific’s contribution is significant and greatly appreciated. The funds will help us obtain more rescue equipment and they will provide additional capital to purchase a new pumper unit.”

Haynes said their new pumper truck will arrive in the fall.

The Onalaska Fire Department also received a $1,000 donation for equipment and training. Firefighters from this team serve the Lake Livingston communities.

“Georgia-Pacific is a continuous supporter of local volunteer fire departments in Polk, Angelina, and Sabine counties. Georgia-Pacific is proud to partner with local firefighters who dedicate their lives to keeping our families, homes and property safe. Thanks to their bravery and tireless efforts we can all rest easier knowing help is only a phone call away,” said Ogletree.