TYLER, Texas (KETK) – KETK News interviewed Congressman-elect Nathaniel Moran on Friday about what this week has been like with the vote for Speaker of the House.

“Frankly, I think there’s a spirit of positivity and a belief that we’re coming to the end of this process to elect the Speaker of the House, and there’s a lot of excitement and energy over, getting to the substantive matters that lie ahead,” Moran said.

Moran spoke about the importance of the Speaker and his support for Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s bid for the position.

“Well, you know, what we need from a speaker is to get us as a body to 218 to pass good legislation and to prevent bad legislation. Ultimately, that’s the primary job of the Speaker of the House, is to manage the House and get our very slim majority to that 218 mark,” Moran said. “When we look at who’s going to be the next Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy’s, the one that can get us closest to the 218.”

A big part of this week’s deliberations have been about the package that will set the rules for this Congress. The proposed rules package will make several changes to how Congress operates in this session.

“Well, the rules is really one thing that’s gotten lost in the public discussion this week because so much of the focus has been about the person of Kevin McCarthy, or should we, or should we not vote for him,” Moran said. “A lot of it is about, wanting to make sure that we have bottom up rules to make sure that there’s lots of engagement on the floor of the House of Representatives, opportunities for amendments (and) opportunities to hold our leadership accountable.”

None of those changes can be made until a Speaker is elected though.

“The truth is we can’t do anything until we get a Speaker in place. We can’t even swear in.” Moran said.

Even though the work of Congress hasn’t fully begun Moran and his staff have been busy hiring new staff members and setting up the office he inherited from Congressman Louis Gohmert.

“We’ve got just about everybody hired. We’re waiting to see what committees I get onto to add one additional hire, but we’ve got our district staff hired as well, and they’re hard at work.” Moran said.

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