TYLER, Texas (KETK) — This week, another person lost their life on Toll 49. This was at least the fourth fatal wreck KETK News has reported on that toll road in just this year.

 “I won’t drive it myself,” said Richard Petty, a concerned driver.

Petty, a Tyler resident, said he tries to bypass the road as much as possible. Others like Elane Hill say Toll 49 is too narrow for the speed limit posted.

“Going down that road, it’s like they push you to go faster even though you are going the speed limit,” said Hill.

When Toll 49 came to town it was sold as a way to save time for commuters, and avoid the busy Tyler Loop 323.

“Tyler has currently outgrown the current loop and so, I thought it would be great,” said Petty.

Now some people say they fear driving on the toll road. Both Petty and Hill have lost loved ones on this toll road.

“I feel like I take my life in my hands when I go down that road,” said Hill.

Some people believe that when it rains, Toll 49 becomes too slick. DPS even issued a warning to drivers.

“We do reduce our speed to where we can safely negotiate the curves and stuff because when it does rain, the oils in the roadway, they start evaporating there and it makes it a real slick surface,” said Adam Albritton, DPS trooper.

An extension to Toll 49 is in the works, but some people have their concerns, a Facebook page was created to voice those concerns.

“It kind of bothers me because, I have not seen any section of what is currently there that I would consider safe,” said Petty.

KETK News reached out to NET RMA through a PR firm that represents them about the safety of the road, but at this time they have no comment.

“I would like to see them do what they could just to make it safer,” said Petty.

Petty and Hill say something must be done to save lives on Toll 49.

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