CHEROKEE COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – At Cherokee Trace Drive Thru Safari, you can get up close to some of the world’s most exotic animals without ever leaving your vehicle.

Creatures roam 300 acres of trees and open savannahs, waiting on guests as they drive through. Each entry comes with bags of food, which allows you to see these animals up close and personal.

There’s animals from South America, Africa, China and more. The safari houses about 40 different species, and somewhere between 500 and 600 animals.

“It’s a chance for you to really look at them in their environment,” part-owner of the safari Noel Ischy said. “To recognize, ‘hey this is what goes on in the wild.’ And you don’t get to experience that very often and in many other places.”

Every mile is full of furry friends from different places like highland cattle from Scotland, camels from Africa, and rhea from South America.

“They drive off through the park and they are able to feed the animals, take pictures of the animals, stop and just enjoy what we’ve got here and what God’s created,” Ischy said.

There are a few rules at this safari: do not get out of your car, don’t touch the animals, don’t bring your pets, keep your car doors closed at all times, just to name a few. For more information on rules at the safari, visit their website.

“You don’t find this kind of close up encounters anywhere else around here,” visitor Anita Cavaliere said. “I mean, of course you don’t get out of your car, but you can roll the windows down and they can get up close and personal.”

Prices are $12.95 for kids ages 3-12, $17.95 for adults, and $15.95 for seniors. Big group discounts are available as well.

The safari is open all year, but closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Easter. They also close if there is bad rain, so call ahead if you are concerned about the weather.

Park hours change throughout the year. Visit Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari Hours to see the schedule.

Visit Animals at Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari to see a list of all the animals they have.