TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Abbey Alexander is a registered nurse at CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances. She was the first donor to give her breast milk for the hospital’s new program, Donor Milk to Go.

“Knowing that I get to give babies this precious milk that has great properties to it, I knew in my heart that that was something I really wanted to do,” said Abbey Alexander, CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances registered nurse and breast milk donor.

In August, the hospital began a program for parents having trouble breastfeeding. Giving them the option to give their babies donor milk.

“It’s super special knowing that I have a power that I can help other parents and other babies get big and fat and cute,” said Alexander.

Since that first donation this summer they have been able to help a lot of patients.

“Since August, we’ve had 84 orders which is roughly about 168 bottles of donor milk to go we’ve been able to give out to our patients,” said Melanie Miller, BSN RNC-MNN, clinical director of Pat Herd Women’s Center and lactation services, CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances.

The hospital isn’t done and wants to continue growing with more donors.

“Each donor does have to go through lab work to rule out typical infections, HIV, the typical ones you would think about,” said Caroline Pillsbury, BSN RN IBCLC, CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances.

Besides getting labs done, the mother would go through an interview and need a letter from her doctor.

“We’re committed here at CHRISTUS to providing the baby the best diet, which if mom’s own milk isn’t available, donor milk is the next best,” said Pillsbury.

After the donor is approved they can start dropping off as much milk as they can.

“I’m going to try to come in every month until I don’t have anymore, my baby is going to turn eight months old next week, so I’m hoping to keep going for another four months,” said Alexander.

If you’re a mother that would like to receive milk on the go all you have to do is ask. For more information call 817-810-0071 or click here.

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