TYLER, Texas (KETK) — A viral scam message has reached the East Texas community. It’s a photo with a text that reads “Thnx 4 standing me up yesterday! Hope it was worth missing out on this.”

Tyler Police Department recommends never opening an unknown message and more importantly, never click on a link.

“The hackers have the ability to hold ransom to computers or cell phones,” said Andy Erbaugh, TPD’s spokesperson. “All they want is a call back or a click on the link. Any one of those and they got you.”

Most investigations into these scams go unsolved.

“The problem is most of these suspects are from other countries over in Europe.” Erbaugh said. “In fact, nearly all of them are from the Europe area which means we can’t work those cases, there’s no way to track who does it.”

Mechele Mills, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau in East Texas, said scammers tend to tailor to your needs and emotions. 

“What we’ve seen a lot lately is ‘hey thanks for paying your bill, here’s a reward for you click on the link.’ Or ‘you’ve just won a thousand dollar gift card, click on the link.’”

If you get a message that you feel may be a scam, you can forward it to 7726. They will then forward that number to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.