TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Downtown Tyler is gearing up for the Red Dirt Barbecue and Music Festival that will take over the area on Saturday.

Preparations for drivers and attendees are also taking place, shutting down parts of Tyler.

“Downtown is still closed but it’s still open as in streets are closed, so you can make your way around downtown. The core will kind of be shut down street-wise,” said Garret Hope, City of Tyler Downtown Specialist.

If you do not have a festival ticket, downtown businesses will still be open to go into.

Streets are closed down and bus routes are changing surrounding the square.

” You can go up North Broadway and travel east and west on Erwin and north and south on Spring and Bois D’ Arc to get around the square and again on Locust on the north side,” said Hope.

Around 7,000 people are expected to fill the streets on Saturday for some good food and music.

“You get to come in and try like 25 or more barbecue vendors. All samples all for free as a part of your ticket price,” said Barbecue vendor, Kelly Barnes.

The City of Tyler officials reminded drivers to keep their eyes open for pedestrians.

“Be precautious. There are going to be a lot of people walking around, so be sure you are coming to complete stops, looking left and right and coming to complete stops really taking your time through here,” said Hope.

Parking in front of some businesses may cost a fee, but the city has opened up more spaces at the Fair Plaza parking garage.

“We’ve opened the fourth floor of that, so we have a little over 350 parking spaces there completely free,” said Hope.

First-time vendor, Kelly Barnes will be preparing throughout the night and is looking forward to sharing his love of barbecue with East Texans.

“Letting people try our food and try something a little bit different that they’ve never had. I love feeding everyone so it should be fun,” said Barnes.

The city is getting ready to have boots on the ground with barbecue and some good sound.

The following bus stops will be closed:

  • Stop 106 – Broadway Avenue and Elm Street NB
  • Stop 107 – Broadway Avenue and Ferguson Street NB
  • Stop 135 – Broadway Avenue and Ferguson Street SB
  • Stop 136 – Broadway Avenue and Elm Streer SB
  • Stop 148 – Ferguson Street and Bois D Arc Avenue

Alternate bus stops will be Stop TY 137 at Broadway Avenue and Front Street and the main transfer point at 210 East Oakwood Street.

The maps below show the road closures for Saturday:

Road closures should be open by 3 a.m. on Sunday and bus routes will be back to normal service hours on Monday.