TYLER, Texas (KETK) — For many, schools have already welcomed students back for their new semester. Some families are still checking items off of their back-to-school lists, hoping to find the right prices amid inflation. Inflation means spending more, but not getting more. Many shoppers say their main concern has been the higher prices.

“We’ve had to go to multiple stores though to make it all happen. We’ve also done online shopping as well and try to save where we can,” said a Tyler mom, Amanda Brewer.

It’s the final night of summer vacation for many East Texas students. Some families, are busy finding last-minute necessities during a time of supply chain issues and record high inflation.

“It’s been a huge change for us. We’ve started blending families, so now where it used to be three kids… it’s now 5. So, with inflation and everything it’s been really hard. You’re looking for all the deals, you’re looking or waiting for tax-free and your budgeting and cutting corners wherever you can,” said Brewer.

People are spending more, but not getting any more for their buck. These are still great ways to save money before the new school year. Families like the Brewer’s advise comparing prices before you buy.

“Honestly, you can get a bunch of shirts and just a few pairs of pants and you can really mix and match with everything. Of course, the sweats are in. That old fashion sweats so and of course, you have to have cool shoes,” said Brewer.

Buying in bulk or even used and refurbished items can help alleviate your wallet.

According to the National Retail Federation, families with school children will spend an average of $864 or $15 more than last year.

“A lot of our back-to-school retailers that are popular are Buckle, Trade Home shoes- they have great brands. Altar’d State is a great stop for the ladies going back to school. The Children’s Place and JCPenney for the younger elementary-aged children,” said Director of Marketing at Broadway Square Mall, Candace Foster.

Many families are expecting to buy fewer items this year and only focus on the necessities while waiting for more good deals.

“Anytime someone is looking for a great deal, all they have to do is go to our website. We have all of our deals listed there,” said Foster.

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