UPDATE — The winning Mega Millions numbers are in. See how you did below


TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Millions of Texans across the state and here in East Texas are hoping to win big on Tuesday night’s $830 million Mega Millions drawing. At D&N grocery in Tyler, the manager Jesse Torres said there was a flood of people since Monday coming to buy a Mega Millions ticket and try their luck.

“Everybody’s rushing in. Usually, we get a morning rush and then an evening rush,” said Torres.

He said they’ve never had a Mega Millions winner, but maybe this will be the night.

“We’ve had a couple of million dollar scratch off winners but nothing really on the online gaming,” added Torres.

Texas Lottery said they’ve seen more than $13 million in ticket sales since Monday evening.

Customers also told KETK what they’d do with the jackpot money.

“I just bought the Mega Million ticket and if I win, I’m going to go on a cruise (and) buy me a house because you know it’ll be a blessing if I win,” said Latoya Williams.

If there is a winner this drawing, it will be the game’s third largest jackpot and fourth largest lottery prize ever awarded. Torres said he even entered the drawing with his family and employees.

“If we were to win, first of all I think all of us would go on vacation together,” explained Torres.

But, he said he rather see the money go to one of his customers.

“You know it’s good to see them when they win. A lot of us sell tickets to people that win and you can see how it lights up their day. They actually tell us all, ‘you know this was right on time. I needed it,’” said Torres.

Taxes will be taken from the $830 million, an this will be about 24% or about $117 million.

If a winner chooses the cash option, they walk away with $487.9 million.

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