TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Before Tuesday night’s drawing the Mega Millions jackpot got up to a whopping $830 million.

But, no one held the winning numbers.

The prize is now sitting at more than $1 billion and many East Texans are running to buy tickets before the next drawing.

“I did! I bought a few yesterday for Friday’s drawing,” said Michelle Gilder, a cashier at Fuel Runner.

Many people are coming to the Fuel Runner for their chance to win on Friday.

“It’s 1.03 billion dollars. I might as well! I mean, there’s no other reason not to! What’s 10 dollars that you’re going to spend on food, you might as well spend it and try to win a billion dollars,” said Adam Graham, a Tyler resident.

Most customers share that this was their first time buying a lottery ticket but after citing they need to pay rent and fill up their gas tank, they said doesn’t hurt to try.

“Gas is really the only thing kicking my tail right now. But you know, at least we’re in America and have freedoms. At least we are able to worship as we please and do what we please really,” said Graham.

For this $1.02 billion jackpot, the cash option most people choose is $602.5 million, which takes a mandatory 24 percent federal tax withholding.

This reduces the winnings to $457.9 million. But, East Texans say that won’t stop them.