ARP, Texas (KETK) – Six numbers are the only thing standing in one lucky person’s way from winning the Mega Millions jackpot and East Texans at a convenience store in Arp are already picturing the surreal moment.

“Probably rent me a limo to take me to go cash in the ticket,” said Angela Lamb-Waddell.

“I’d probably hide that ticket somewhere first of all and try to get to Austin quick as I can,” said James English

“I’d be thanking God wow, wow,” added Bobby Herrington.

It’s crazy to think this little $2 piece of paper can change your life if you’re lucky this Friday the 13th.

“Life is hard, I came here to Valero to buy me my winner ticket,” said Hector Sanchez

The superstitious day isn’t slowing down ticket sales. If anything, even more people are buying today with the bigger jackpot.

“Friday the 13th don’t mean nothing to me. Any day is lucky as long as the good Lord bless you to wake up in the morning,” said English.

People have different strategies to winning. Whether it’s filling out your own special numbers, grabbing a quick pick, or stocking up on one hundred dollars worth of tickets, the odds are still the same: one in 302 million.

However, it’s still nice to dream.

“What would I do if I won the lottery? I would pay off all my bills, take care of my family and then take care of a lot of needy people and friends and just enjoy myself. Travel, travel,” explained Lamb-Waddell.

“If I win it, get lucky to win it, I wanna donate some to charity and just anybody that needs it I mean because that’s really too much money for me to handle anyway,” added English.

“Probably buy myself a good outfit or something . A new car because my truck is, I still drive it this truck since ’99,” said Sanchez.

For now we just have to wait and see if a winner will come from this Arp convenience store.

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