BULLARD, Texas (KETK) — Across the area, East Texans geared up for Easter weekend with celebrations.

The Texas African American Museum hosted its second annual “Amazing Kids” event and did not let the rain, rain on their parade.

There were bounce houses, games, and the Easter bunny for children of all ages to enjoy.

“It’s exciting to me to see all the children that came out. All the parents that came out with their children and stayed with their children, that’s very impressive,” said Gloria Washington, Executive Director of the Texas. African American Museum.

The event wasn’t just for children, there were vendors and local organizations that went out to celebrate.

“We have the Wild Bunch Motorcycle Club that is here, we have many different groups here, clothing vendors, just many different groups here,” said Washington.

Down the road in Bullard, First Baptist Church held its annual “Eggstravaganza.”

“We just opened the inside of our church to meet the needs and let them do some egg hunting and just have a fun safe environment for these families,” said Next Gen Pastor, C.B Sutton.

Organizers turned Easter egg hunting into a timed color coordination game.

“We have about a thousand empty eggs out there and the kids just hunt as many eggs as they can fill in their basket and they turn them in and they have a refilled bag about information for our church, VBS and each child walks away with candy,” Sutton said. “… Everyone walks away with something.”

Washington urged people to remember what Easter is all about.

“This is the time where our Lord and Savior was hung on the cross, he died was buried and rose again for our sins,” said Washington.

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