CANTON, Texas (KETK) – The summer travel season is upon us and people at I-20 Dukes Travel Plaza of Canton said they are questioning what they should do this summer.

“We have a staycation every summer,” said Deb Meeks, a Longview resident.

Staycations have become more popular amid crippling inflation. With families deciding to stay closer to home, they say they can still have fun.

“I taught elementary so, I always have some great things planned for those kids and we have a great time,” said Meeks.

Gladewater residents, David Wade, and his family have not let higher prices affect their time away.

“Life’s too short to stay at the house,” said Wade. “We had COVID and everything so life’s too short to stay at home. That’s the way I see it.”

Wade and his family were traveling to Kentucky and said that’s just the beginning of their vacation-filled summer.

“We’ve taken quite a few vacations,” said Wade. “We’re going to Kentucky for my nephew’s graduation.”

Afterward, Wade said he and his family will spend a week in Kentucky, Tennessee, and take two to three cruises.

Meeks and her family have staycations every year but said she and her family still try to travel as much as they can.

“It’s terrible what we are facing right now,” said Meeks. “Because of that, I’m just sure if I stick enough bags to go because I’m not going to stay home I’m going to go enjoy these times.”

According to a new survey from Bankrate 7/10 Americans have been making changes to their summer plans by taking fewer trips or staying closer to home. AAA reported that the average price for a gallon of gas in Texas is $4.29 with no relief expected any time soon.

“You know we are never guaranteed tomorrow and we just have to enjoy life now and soak it all in,” said Meek. “I do the best I can to make sure we have a good time.”