TYLER, Texas (KETK)- Last Friday, the Texas power grid experienced record-breaking heat and electric demand. Generators just couldn’t keep up, and this caused them to go down.

“It’s kind of nerve racking to have to worry about that and trying to figure out what we are going to do if we don’t have any electricity,” said Bella Palacios, an East Texas mother.

On top of everything else going on, now East Texans are worried if their electric bills will go up or if they will even have power during the summer.

“As you know, we had record breaking heat, record breaking demand for electricity,” said Peter Lake, with the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

Friday demonstrated the issues the state power grid is still facing.

“This past week is an example of ERCOT doing what ERCOT needs to do to prepare for these types of events,” said Brad Jones, Electric Reliability Council of Texas CEO.

Officials said none of their systems ever hit critical, and they were able to keep the lights on. This has many Texans questioning if ERCOT is prepared.

“It’s not even summer yet and ERCOT is already asking people to conserve power,” said Mitchell Ferman, a reporter for The Texas Tribune.

When it comes to conserving energy ERCOT is asking Texans to set their thermostats at 78 degrees and to try not to use energy during demand hours.

With summer still a month away and hotter temperatures coming, some Texans think ERCOT is demanding too much.

“Texans are not going to accept setting their thermostats to 78 degrees and above concisely throughout the summer months,” said Ferman.

ERCOT said they are ready for higher demands, but East Texans are afraid this will raise their electric bills even more.

“I was telling my kids yesterday that we are not going to try to eat out as much with everything going up with groceries and then electricity and all of that’s. (It’s) just something we are going to cut out,” said Palacios.