LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — Thursday morning, Buckner Westminster Place residents spent time laying flags onto veterans’ graves at Lakeview Memory Park Cemetery in Longview.

The Buckner community has been doing this special tradition since 2016.

“I thank God for America, a Christian nation, that we have the privilege of doing these freely and openly,” said Dick Ravenhorst, Buckner resident.

Taking time to remember that freedom has never been free.

“Oh, I think it’s wonderful to give this kind of honor to those who have served. Many of them have given their lives,” said Beth Ravenhorst, Buckner resident.

The Chaplin at Buckner knows how meaningful this tribute is to the residents.

“It means the world, they understand the cost, they had the ration stamps they sacrificed they worried and wrote letters and prayed for their family members that were overseas,” said Dr. Rick Webb, Chaplin at Buckner Westminster Place.

For many, they were remembering their loved ones who fought for our country.

“We’ve had a number of residents that lost sons in Vietnam and every year remember and memorialize them,” said Webb.

A memorable day paying tribute to those who have paid the price for America’s freedom.

“For me, as a family, we always have a time of memorial at the cemetery and family plots. Of course, this is different, it’s the military,” said Dick Ravenhorst.

Adding that, because they fought, they have the freedom to pay their respects to veterans by placing a flag on their graves.

“We keep what they did alive, and it also helps us remember that our freedoms did come at a cost,” said Webb.

This Memorial Day weekend gives East Texans the opportunity to honor those who have fought for our country.