TYLER, Texas (KETK) – People have been racing to the polls for the 2022 election to make sure their vote gets in early, and with only three days left, counties are hoping to surpass their 2018 numbers.

“Please come out and vote, make sure that your voice gets heard,” said Michelle Allcon, Smith County Elections Administrator.

Several counties in East Texas have been seeing good voter turnouts like Angelina with more than 9,000, Rusk with more than 5,000, and Gregg with close to 15,000 voters, but Smith hasn’t been as lucky.

“Early voting has been pretty steady Friday, Saturday and Sunday were pretty slow. We have trailed behind the 2018 gubernatorial election,” said Allcon.

So far they have received 33,000 voters, 35,000 voted in 2018.

“So, we do want to of course pick up and beat our 2018 numbers, there are more voters in Smith County, there are more registered voters in Smith County, so we should be beating those numbers,” said Allcon.

There could be a spike in voters in the last few days, and some voters recommend it.

“I like to take advantage of coming in and out, there’s not a lot of foot traffic, you get your vote in and you get registered, and you’re in right away, and it’s going to make a big impact,” said Teddy Baker, Smith County voter.

Baker said he always votes early, and he tells everyone he knows to do the same.

“I think you need to take advantage of it, come out and vote vote vote, and express your constitutional right to vote, and come out early, it’s a lot more convenient,” said Baker.

Smith County will have 35 locations for election day, but they say to expect a line.

“A good chunk of those locations are going to have fairly long lines, and we are expecting there to be a wait at those locations because we are seeing such a low turnout during early voting, we are really thinking we are going to have a big crash on election day,” said Allcon.

Whether you do it early or on election day, officials say to please get out and vote. Early voting locations will be open until Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on November 8 for election day.

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