TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Former CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Cardiac ICU Nurse, William Davis was sentenced to the death penalty today. The case first began in 2017, and is now closing. 

Although it is unsure how many people’s lives William Davis actually took, or attempted to take, some East Texans are saying justice has been served for the crimes committed by this former nurse. 

“I think justice was served. William Davis earned it. He earned this,” said Lana Seale. 

The convicted former nurse recieved the harshest sentence the jury can give for capital murder. 

“It’s mind-boggling you could be working next to someone and that’s what they could be doing,” said former nurse, Matt Herrmann.

Reaction has been swift and unanimous. From the quick guilty verdict that was decided last week to today’s final sentencing. 

“Certainly, the case concluding today, doesn’t heal all those wounds we can bring those people back but when they know their loved ones murderer is out there and nothings been done about it, it continues to be a source of pain for them. So they all expressed a lot of gratitude today and appreciation for the jury’s verdict and that the defendant go what he deserved,” said Jacob Putman, District Attorney.

This case has been followed for years after many delays and while the ultimate sentence can take years to carry out, people believe it is time to close and heal from this case.