RUSK, Texas (KETK) – Some people who live in Rusk, or are trying to move there, are calling rental issues in the city their biggest economic problem.

Most of the people who work in Rusk, whether at the state hospital or even the prison, don’t live there.

Residents say the commute and today’s fuel prices are only making things worse.

“Anywhere from five to sometimes it seems like even 100 people a day, it’s just nonstop looking for rental property. And a lot of them say they need it ASAP and they’re desperate,” says Tara Tatarski, owner of Instanews.

To compensate for the increasing demand, and the lack of options, many are having to live outside of city limits, leading to more costly issues.

“They have to commute, I know it’s commuting from Jacksonville, Alto, Palestine or whatever. It would be easier if they could get into Rusk and be closer to home,” says Julia Clark, Rusk landlord.

When most people reach out to Rusk landlords looking for an available space, they’re running into similar problems.

“I’m full, and they keep saying they can’t find anything or they can’t find anything with the quality that I have,” says Clark.

We’re told many of those who are looking to rent end up on long waiting lists. To better the chances, they add their names at more than one place. Once people get to the top of one of those lists, they usually receive bad news. 

“…and they find out that maybe they make, $2 too much a month… $2, so they are unable to get an apartment,” says Tatarski.

Many people home more property will become available as soon as possible, so the Rusk economy can start to grow, along with the city’s neighborhoods.

Whether it’s a house or duplex, people who live there say there are some options for those who may be interested in investing.