NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KETK) — A medical marijuana pick-up facility has opened in Nacogdoches on North University Drive next to the University Plaza shopping center, and is open every other Saturday 1:30 p.m. – 5p.m. So far, people around town don’t seem too concerned.

“It’s God’s plant you know, that’s the way I feel about it,” said Kerry Hortness, Nacogdoches resident.

Kerry Hortness has lived in Nacogdoches for years and says she approves of the cannabis facility.

“I think it’s fine. I think God made that…..marijuana and I think if it’s for our youth I know it helps with pain, and if it can help somebody out of pain that’s in pain all the time I think it’s a good thing,” said Hortness.

Even some other people in town think it’s not there place to judge.

“If it happens it happens. The good book tells us a lot of things are going to go bad or wrong before it happens when it’s all said and done anyways. So, all I can do is live the best life I can and keep on trucking,” said a Nacogdoches resident, who preferred to remain anonymous.

CEO Morris Denton of Texas Original said in a statement that “East Texas is an important market to us, and we want to ensure patients in Nacogdoches and it’s surrounding areas have multiple options to access their prescriptions.”

“I know for a fact that it does help with pain, from friends that have it, and I mean I’ve smoked it many, many years ago, and I know what the affects, I mean I didn’t smoke it just for recreation,” said Hortness.

Hortness believes there are benefits to using medical marijuana, and those in pain should research it.

“More people would be with less pain if they could do it legally,” said Hortness.

To find out if you qualify for the medical marijuana you would first have to make an appointment with Dr. Kelly Moon at this location.

“We’re already in enough pain as it is, and to have physical pain, if it can be rendered lets do it.”

Kelly Hortness saying it isn’t about judging others, but making sure everyone gets the help they need.