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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The holiday season is almost over but before it ends we have to ring in the new year.

The best way is by spending time with family and friends, upholding traditions close to our hearts.

One of KETK’s Frank Jefferson’s favorite traditions is counting down until the new year.

When many people gather on this last night of the year, they look forward to a special meal. Black-eyed peas, cabbage, and ham among others. Many believe that this food will help bring them luck and prosperity into the new year.

For many Latin families, it’s a tradition to eat 12 grapes, when the clock strikes midnight to make sure the next 12 months will be good.

East Texans agree that these traditions are what help make the holiday so special.

“It has been a tradition down through my family and through my family’s family on New Year’s Day we eat black eye peas we eat cabbage greens cornbread pig feet a lot of people eat chitlins, but I put the pig feet on the table potato salad whatever else we can come up with,” said Gloria Washington, with the Texas African-American Museum.

To wash down some of that traditional food some people enjoy a nice glass of champagne.

Once they’ve finished their meal many will head to a midnight church service.

“We go and give thanks for the past year and thanks for the year that we are going into,” said Washington.

2022 is also for changes. Many make resolutions, most notably about working out, eating better, and getting into better overall health. Others want to be better people.

“For myself, it is to treat others as I would like to be treated. and that’s the bible. treat others like you would like to be treated, why? It’s good to it lets you see yourself if you’re being good to others you’re going to be good to yourself. if you’re mean angry and hateful to others, others might just turn around and do the same to you,” said Washington.

And the hope is even more prosperity in the next twelve months.

“Life is not promised to any of us like I said 2021 was not good for many people but we are hoping to wish praying that 202 will give us a lot more to be thankful for,” says Washington.

We want to encourage everyone to have fun new years eve but remember to stay safe.

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