TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Oak Creek Homes in Tyler has been in business for five decades, and they were surprised when more customers started to come in this year as housing prices increased.

East Texans say they have felt the impact from higher rents and land cost. Now, they are turning to manufactured homes.

“People are more coming to our industry because it’s more affordable in the housing industry today,” said  “Magic” Steve Nixon, Sales Manager, Oak Creek Homes

On average you can save $50 per square foot buying a manufactured home over building one. The demand for these homes is causing another manufacture businesses prices to soar.

“The value has gone up about $40,000,” said Melissa Pontiff, manufacture home owner.

Oak Creek Sales manager Steve Nixon saying they have been receiving more and more calls everyday from customers asking about their houses.

“A lot of times when are customers come into our dealership they are looking for that high, good looking home with all the upgrades in it,” said Nixon.

As more people come to buy manufactured homes, there needs to be more places for them to put them, like mobile home parks.

“There’s a big demand for the manufacture homes, a big demand fright now for people looking for the land to put it on or looking for a park to park their manufactured home,” said Nixon.

With a higher demand for manufactured homes more mobile home parks are needed.

“There has been an increase in mobile home parks, you know the leasing because there’s a big demand,” said Nixon.

Though you will have to budget in more costs to rent the land.