TYLER, Texas (KETK)- Several East Texas towns celebrated National Night Out on Tuesday. This is a way for families to get to know law enforcement.

Bullard’s National Night Out brought the community and first responders together to build a partnership between the two.

“It allows the local first responders to spend time with the community on a different level and kind of allows us to humanize the badge, so we can interact with them and build relationships with them so they know who we are,” said Judith Tuell, a detective with the Bullard Police Department.

Police and other emergency vehicles set up early for kids to learn more about what their local heroes do and so they won’t be afraid the next time they see one on the street.

“It helps the kids realize if they are in trouble or if they need anything, they can come to us,” said Jeff Dockter, a Bullard PD sergeant.

In addition to police and fire, an air medical helicopter was at the event.

“Usually, they see us at their worst time which is not always a good time to meet, so when we can meet out in these areas then we can talk and kind of brings a human aspect to what we do,” said Raul Diaz, a CHRISTUS Trinity flight paramedic.

Paramedics said one reason they love this event is that it’s a chance to educate the community about who staffs the helicopter and what they do to help people during tough times.

The event was also a time for families to come out and get to know one another, all while enjoying the food, fun and games. National Night Out was also held in several other East Texas cities on Tuesday, including Tyler and Lufkin.

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