NEW DIANA, Texas (KETK) – New Diana High School’s greenhouse production class has been nurturing its campus nursery, and it is benefiting the entire school. In the class, the students are taught different aspects of growing plants and are able to get their hands in the soil by planting various vegetables and flowing plants. 

After a successful harvest, the students donate the vegetables grown in class to the cafeteria. Among the produce grown, the most popular are lettuce and cherry tomatoes. These greens are served on the lunch line as a salad for the rest of the student body to enjoy.

“Fresh is always best, but for it to come from our kids is exceptional. I’m so proud of them for doing this. It makes it so much nicer. The local grown… it’s always better.” 

Toni Druschke, Child Nutrition Director

This project allows the kids an interactive education, teaching skills like watering levels, fertilizing, proper sunlight techniques, and responsibility. Their teacher hopes they are learning that you don’t need a lot of land or a big production to grow your own food. 

“I think that they’re able to learn how to grow their own food on a smaller scale, and just learn how to take care of little things like house plants or flowering plants, and just taking care of something besides themselves.” 

Callie Faul, AG Teacher

The students in the program say they love this class because it gives them an opportunity to get out of the classroom and actually create something. While all from different backgrounds, some kids did not know anything about plants before walking into New Diana’s greenhouse and hope to continue the hobby after the class.

Others come from farming backgrounds and are thankful their school allows them to continue learning to produce crops. 

While many of the vegetables grown in the greenhouse are donated to the school’s cafeteria throughout the year, the rest of the greens produced by the class are prepared and sold at a yearly plant sale. This benefits New Diana’s FFA chapter and helps purchase plants for the following year.