TYLER, Texas (KETK) — The long-standing drought continues to affect many businesses throughout East Texas.

Andie Rathbone, a master gardener with Smith County Master Gardens says that everyone has been losing money, and it’s been very frustrating.

“All of the sudden you look, and think oh my gosh things are dying. Personally, losing money, it’s just really frustrating,” said Rathbone.

She said for those who have cattle or cash crops, it’s just devastating because people have not been able to irrigate. Rathbone mentioned that for now, people should take stock of their gardens to plan for the spring.

“Personally, I have only been able to water once a week, so when it has been 100 degrees it is really difficult to keep a lot of plants looking good and even some plants alive,” said Rathbone. She added as it cools down the ground holds more moisture for plants which is better for them. Rathbone also recommended for people to plant with mulch because of the moisture content.

She said if people still want to buy plants, native plants would be best.

A Smith County farmer explained the hardships of how the prices of everything have gone up. His horses go through a $50 bag of food per day. He also said that the quality of the expensive hay has been horrible.

He mentioned people think farmers have a break but, it is going to be a record year of not making money.

Agriculture throughout East Texas has been affected by the drought and continues to put many businesses in difficult positions. The drought is expected to continue throughout winter.