WHITEHOUSE, Texas (KETK) — East Texas air conditioning companies said they are slammed. Many areas of East Texas are seeing triple-digit temperatures this week which is putting a strain air conditioning units causing them to break down.

“Any business having a nice cool comfortable place for people to come in is very important,” The REC owner Anthony Johnson said.

The REC, a fitness center in Whitehouse that is normally busy during the spring and summer months, recently had an air conditioning unit go out.

“Unfortunately it’s not something you can see going out,” Johnson said. “It just goes.”

According to Shawna Driggers, an administrative worker at Kelly Air Conditioning, air conditioning units that run for nearly 24-hours a day also work to combat humidity.

“The reason the A/C is running, it’s not just keeping your home cool,” Driggers said. “It’s also pulling the humidity out of your home.”

Staff at The REC say they did everything they were supposed to do to keep their units running, but a compressor still went out.

“Kelly A/C comes out every month and they change out our filters,” Johnson said. “They look over all of our units to make sure that they are in proper working condition.”

According to Kelly Air Conditioning, some air conditioning parts are hard to get in stock right now creating delays in repairs.

“With Kelly A/C they would have it done truthfully within 24 hours, but when they have to wait on parts that’s when you know it gets tough, ” Johnson said.

With temperatures now reaching triple digits, air conditioning companies have made a few advisements to keep units running.

“The main thing is to make sure you’re changing your air filter,” Driggers said. “The dirtier a filter is will restrict air flow and it will freeze it up and then you will be without air, because you have to wait for your unit to thaw out.”

Proper insulation is also recommended to keep heat out as much as possible.

“Make sure you keep trees and grass from growing around the outdoor unit,” Driggers said. “Don’t mow around the outdoor unit with the A/C running because it will suck up all the dirt and debris.”