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TYLER, Texas (KETK)- With people coming together next week for Thanksgiving, safety is on everyone’s mind. Especially now that Texas has topped one million COVID-19 cases.

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While El Paso and other parts of West Texas are seeing a second lockdown, other places are doing everything they can to keep businesses open.

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“I am at this moment declaring a state of disaster for all counties in the state of Texas,” said Governor Greg Abbott.

March thirteenth, The Lone Star State shut down many kinds of businesses. Stores, restaurants and offices all closed to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

“The oil price was affected, the rate of jobs coming in were affected, a lot of people had to shut down because they were nervous about it,” said Phil Sims, Gladiator Energy Salesman.

From the oil fields out west to locally owned East Texas businesses, people were desperate for a solution that sticks. Then, they learned about a new disinfectant spray.

“The uniqueness in our product is not that it kills viruses and bacteria because as you said Lysol does that, bleach does that. The uniqueness in our product is that once applied, through electrostatic means.. The bond to the surface can last at least thirty days,” said Tab Lawhorn, co-owner of Guardian Touchless Solutions.

Guardian Touchless Solutions is a Texas-based company. Guardian opened when the rest of the state closed. For thirty days, the spray acts as an invisible shield against more than just coronavirus. It has also been proven effective stopping H1N1, chicken pox and black mold. It even gets rid of the smoky smell after a fire.

“Our technicians go in every single time in full PPE head to toe. When he sprays the surfaces with our electrostatic guns it creates a positive and negative charge with the polymer so that allows it to bond on the surface and last for as long as it can,” said Bryce Harvey, Account Manager.

Villagio Del Vino restaurant in Tyler, and Harley’s and Bridgette’s boutiques next door, are all owned by Harley Hooper. These locations have been getting the treatment for months, and Hooper has been pleased with the results so far.

“We haven’t had one COVID victim in our store or restaurant since we started,” said Hooper.

Hooper does not require masks in either of his stores. He says they are not afraid, they are cautious.

Now thanks to the solution, businesses like this one can go back to normal, they don’t have to shut down and customers can shop at ease.

“We are in the customer confidence business. Customers want to know that where they go that the establishments that they go to are being treated with the highest scientifically available and monitored disinfecting process,” said Lawhorn.

Many coronavirus guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control have been straight forward. But there’s a big difference from a retail store to an oil rig. Keeping your distance is difficult if not impossible. Gladiator Energy in Midland has seen the impact of the virus first hand.

“We’ve had a couple of guys get it. I mean that’s just how it’s been going when nobody knows how to stop it yet,” said Sims.

This is an industry our country relies on, and they’re unsure of how to safely work during a pandemic.

“This has been a very hot button issue with them oil field workers because the spaces that their workers and employees work within are so compact that transmission without using a surface disinfectant is very risky,” said Lawhorn.

So Gladiator Energy took an extra step to protect their workers.

“That’s where Guardian came into play, as we were doing the extra steps to make sure our guys are safe,” said Sims.

The treatments were not received well by everyone.

“Nobody likes change. But as we’ve grown over the past few months, everyone’s really accepted what we’re doing,” said Chris Needham, President and co-founder of Guardian Touchless Solutions.

Whether a vaccine is available next month or next year, some new habits have been for the best.

“People will come to expect this kind of disinfection; they will actually require it. It would be a shame for all of a sudden this to go away when it’s been proven effective,” said Lawhorn.

This spray is offering a quick fix and a long-term solution.

Some local businesses are investing in Guardian Touchless Solutions before they even open their doors. The new steakhouse, Prime 102, in the People’s Petroleum Building in Downtown Tyler, has a treatment scheduled for this month.

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