HENDERSON, Texas (KETK) — “Win, loose, or tie, I’m a Cowboys fan ‘til I die,” said Archie Whitaker, a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. She is getting ready to watch the Cowboys play this Sunday in their first playoff game since 2018.

They play their long time rivals, the San Fransisco 49ers. But The Cowboy Lady says she has another name for them: “The funky niners,” she laughed.

Whitaker has been a fan of Dem Boys since she attended their very first game in 1960. She recalls the tickets being just $20 back then, a huge difference from the current tickets which earlier this week, was $3800.

She has an impressive Cowboys room in her Henderson home with merchandise from the ceiling to the floor. Wherever she goes, she makes it known what team she represents, no matter how crazy she may seem.

“Buffalo Wild Wings was full of  Eagles fans… I went back to the car, put my Cowboys shirt on, came back in, stood up in the middle of the floor and did the splits,” she recalled.

She said while it’s fun to watch the games and cheer on America’s team, the reason she is such a die hard fan is because it fulfills her. She compares it to the same feeling she has every morning waking up to her caregiving job.

“I refuse to be miserable. If I can’t find something that’s fulfilling…I’d pick up cans first,” she said. “I’m 78 years old, I take no medications, I’m a cancer survivor, and I can still do the splits and get back up!”

She won’t be attending the game in person but she’s looking forward to sitting in her blue Cowboys recliner, with her Cowboys blanket, and her blue Cowboy themed nails.