LAKE PALESTINE, Texas (KETK) – Drivers haven’t been the only ones paying high prices at the pump, this Memorial Day weekend people will be taking their boats on the lake, however, with the cost of fuel, there may not be as many out.

High fuel prices have hit boat rental companies hard and have forced some owners, like Michael Case, to no longer package fuel and rental prices together.

Case has been offering boat rentals at the Lake Palestine Resort since 2019 and his business was growing until gas prices skyrocketed.

“When I started in 2019, we were sitting at about $1.50,” said Case. “Now we are sitting at $5.70 for fuel prices here. That’s a huge burden when you have an operation like a boat rental because we go through quite a bit of fuel every boat, every day.”

Now, Case’s customers have asked for shorter rentals which affect how he runs his company.

“When we have four-hour rentals, it pulls away slots that could have been extended,” Case added.

Case has even had to raise his prices to accommodate for higher fuel costs.

Even with higher gas prices, Lake Palestine Resort will still be expecting around 100 people or more for Memorial Day weekend.

“It’s going to be a busy time,” said Micah Wolfe, general manager of Lake Palestine Resort. “We expect probably 100 to 150 people to be here this weekend. Everything is full.”

Most people visiting Lake Palestine Resort will not let fuel prices get to them.

“Fuel sales are up for a number of reasons,” Wolfe added. “One we are the cheapest on the water which helps and two, our traffic at the ramp is lot higher this year than they were last year.”