TROUP, Texas (KETK) – Hiding eggs for Easter hunts is a tradition precious to many East Texans, and now a local business is offering a service to make it easier.

Justin Ackley and his wife felt like planning for Easter celebrations every year was tiring, so they hatched an idea.

“So I was like, you know that would be a good idea because I know plenty of families, especially large families, just don’t have time and by the time it’s time to catch eggs and everything, you’re tired,” said Justin Ackley, who owns a lawn care business called Holy Grounds.

So they did something about it, starting a side business called “Egg My Yard.” They will buy the eggs, fill them and hide them for your family.

“It’s just going to give them that excitement of, ‘Oh yeah, there is an Easter Bunny here that is giving us all these eggs,'” said Ackley.

The Troup Rotary Club had the same idea.

“We are hoping to take the stress out of everything related to Easter and Easter egg hunting for parents,” said Tammy Jones, President of the Troup Rotary Club.

They’re “egging” people’s yards as a way to raise funds.

“This is a fundraiser to help our scholarship fund be able to offer students from Troup High School scholarships,” said Jones.

Ackley and the Troup Rotary Club offer a variety of options ranging from 25 eggs to 100, but you can request more if needed and they have a backup if it rains.

“If it rains, we will just put a basket of Easter eggs on their front porch, so the Easter Bunny is still going to come see them,” said Jones.

Both have decided to stick with plastic eggs this year.

“We want to stay with plastic eggs just because there are kids that might have an allergy to regular eggs, so we want to stay with a safer option,” said Ackley.

The eggs will be filled with candy, you will get a letter from the Easter Bunny and they hope it will be an egg-cellent Easter for all.