TYLER, Texas (KETK) — After efforts to expand gambling in Texas failed in Austin this year the Nasklia Casino, in East Texas is still rolling the dice aiming to get new customers.

Naskila Casino is one of three legal gaming facilities in Texas. They’re hoping to attract new players with billboards like the one in Bullard.

“It’s so exciting to see those signs, you know, you can’t wait until you get there,” said Whitney Williams, the Social Media Specialist at Naskila Casino.

Williams explained they are looking to grow.

“We’re just hoping to build that player system,” said Williams.

Texas Values, an organization that works to preserve family values in the state, has concerns.

“I think that advertisements that push the expansion of gambling, whether it be in the state or encouraging I think those are harmful and it tends to increase this addictive disorder,” said Jonathan Covey, the Policy Director for Texas Values. 

He shared that there is evidence that shows the negative impacts.

“An association between gambling problems and family violence, number two we know that online gambling has started an epidemic for kids gambling,” said Covey.

The Alabama Coushatta Tribe of Texas shared they are more than the “luckiest spot in Texas,” they’re also a great destination for a getaway.

“Go to the lake area, where we have our cabins and we have players that put out their RVs as well,” said Williams.

For years, neighboring states have worked to attract people from the Lone Star State.

“Advertisements that continue to push this are bad as well,” said Covey.

While gaming advertising may expand, Texas will not add more casinos.