TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Texas city pools have had issues finding lifeguards leaving many to alter their plans for opening.

In Tyler, with summer quickly approaching for East Texas students, the swimming pool at Fun Forest Park is scrambling to find staff.

“It’s just hard right now because school is still in and a lot of (students) are graduating so I feel like that’s why we may be slow right now, but hopefully it will pick back up,” said Candice Johnson with the City of Tyler Parks and Recreational Department.

The City of Tyler will need at least 10 lifeguards to oversee daily operations, however, only three are staffed as of this writing.

“We are at a point now where we are paying for certifications,” Johnson added.

In addition to paying for training, the city of Tyler hopes that the pay increase from $12 to $13 will entice people to apply.

If the city doesn’t reach its goal number of lifeguards, Johnson said they will not be able to open the pool.

“And that’s just really unfortunate because a lot of the community comes to this pool,” said Johnson.

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Fun Forest Pool plans on opening Memorial weekend on May 28, but that won’t happen if the city doesn’t have the staff.

The lack of lifeguards hasn’t just affected Tyler, the issue has increased in Jacksonville, Athens and more.

“We want to have around 12 lifeguards in total so that we can work around summer schedules,” said Daniel Seguin, Jacksonville’s director of communications.

Seguin added that this is a problem he is seeing for the first time.

“We used to reject some candidates because we had so many applications,” said Seguin. “So not having very many applicants is pretty unusual and unfortunate because there could be some changes to the schedule.”

To apply for lifeguard jobs in Jacksonville click here.