LOG CABIN, Texas (KETK) – A man was rescued by passing travelers Monday morning in Log Cabin after his car left the roadway, was upside down and on fire.

Among those who stopped to help the man trapped inside his car was Log Cabin city council member Aaron Scott and his son Jonathan Scott.

According to Log Cabin Fire, the councilman, his son and others were able to free the man from his car and move him to safety before responders arrived.

“We could hear him, clearly in pain and I didn’t really know what to do, siked myself up enough to get close to it,” said Aaron Scott

After several attempts, Scott broke the passenger window, but the next obstacle was to get the trapped man out.

“I was pulling with all my might and he wasn’t coming out and I let him go and he pulled his hand back in and I turned around in circles trying to figure out what to do and when I turned around both hands were out this time,“ said Aaron Scott.

He was able to pull him out of the vehicle.

“I got him out and by that time my adrenaline was pumping so hard I was starting to get tunnel vision, starting to black out a little bit. I wasn’t in control of myself,” said Aaron Scott.

Jonathan said after his dad pulled the man out of the car, he ran over and drug the man over his shoulder 30 yards away from the truck.

“We tried to see what we could do to help him, I grabbed a blanket from the car we were in and he kind of laid down and I put the blanket under him,” said Jonathan Scott.

The car was fully surrounded in flames and moved the man across the street.

Aaron Scott said he is not a hero.

“I didn’t do it, it was purely by God’s direction,” said Scott.

Log Cabin Fire responded to the scene around 9:45 a.m. and Eustace Volunteer Fire assisted and began extinguishment upon arrival.

Officials said Caney City Fire Department arrived and assisted with setting up a landing zone for UT Health Air 1 to land and transport the man to a Tyler hospital.

The following departments responded to the scene of the crash:

  • Log Cabin Fire
  • Eustace Fire
  • Caney City Fire
  • UT Health Air 1
  • Log Cabin PD
  • Texas DPS