WINNSBORO, Texas (KETK) – In the Winter Olympics, Luge is an electrifying sport with high speeds as the athletes ride a sled, lying feet first on their back. As the official sponsor and carrier, Team Worldwide is responsible for shipping and coordinating the team’s sleds and equipment during competition season every year.

“We help develop packaging for their sleds, we get involved by adopting athletes, and we are one of their major sponsors,” said Vice President of International Services, Bobbi Imbriani.

Imbriani at Team Worldwide says working for the athletes has been a privilege and helping them to get to the Winter Olympic Games is one of the smallest and easiest parts of their job.

“We help move their sleds all over the globe and there are competitions all throughout the winter season in the U.S, Canada, Europe, Asia, just across the globe. We support not only the senior team but the junior teams as well,” said Imbriani.

Lots of coordination and organization goes into moving the athletes to their next destination. Though, moving them halfway across the world to Beijing came with complications.

 “What happened was that none of the families of the athletes are allowed to go to China. Only five coaches are allowed to go. So, they created an event for the families to come together in Lake Placid, NY and have the ability to cheer the team on together and we as Team Worldwide assisted with that,” said Imbriani.

Team Worldwide has locations all around the world. One of their locations is based in East Texas in Winnsboro and the company is proud to be a loyal supporter of Team USA.

“We do it because it is a good thing to do. It’s sort of community service for our country and service for the athletes and we take a great deal of pride in being one of their primary and oldest sponsors,” said Imbriani.

Team Worldwide is now watching the equipment in use and all the exciting competition from Team USA.

“Viewers in Texas, you should be very proud of a family-owned East Texas company who has been supporting the US Luge athletes for close to 25 years,” said Imbriani.

Unfortunately, competition is now over for our luge team with no medals for Americans in any major international men’s luge event this year.