PAYNE SPRINGS, Texas (KETK) – Payne Springs Fire Rescue said they were alerted to a deck on fire in the Spillview Estates subdivision just before noon on Thursday.

According to PSFR, the fire was extinguished by Bubba Kennedy and Obed Ortiz of Lander Marine Construction who were working on a sea wall next door to the home. PSFR said that without their use of the garden hose to put out the flames, the fire could have caused much more damage.

PSFR said a crew welding on the deck had left for lunch and that this was the second welding/cutting fire they had responded to in two days.

On Wednesday, PSFR responded to a fire that spread from a barge to a deck in the Bonanza Bay subdivision.

Officials said it took 400 feet of hose to reach the fire that started near where crews had been cutting and welding earlier that day.