TYLER, Texas (KETK) – An East Texas couple donated toys, blankets and stuffed animals to UT Health Tyler.

Greg and Janet Kats retired in Tyler one year ago, and they picked up some hobbies. Greg uses his 3D printer to create different objects and Janet enjoys crocheting blankets and stuffed toys.

Greg previously worked in IT, and now he uses some of his free time to make miniature trains, dinosaurs and fidget toys with his 3D printer. Janet retired from a career in accounting, and now she likes to work on crafts.

“It keeps us busy and gives us a purpose of doing something,” Janet said. “These are things we like to do and keeps us busy, and it also helps the kids.”

On Wednesday, the couple donated several items to pediatric patients at UT Health.

Lecia Bowman, chief nursing officer at UT Health Tyler, said blankets and toys can help lift children’s spirits.

“We are so grateful for this heartfelt donation,” Bowman said. “These small objects can have a huge impact for a child who is in an unfamiliar situation at the hospital.”

Vicki Briggs, UT Health Tyler CEO, was grateful for Greg and Janet’s contributions.

“Our job is to serve and give back to the community, so when I see others in the community giving back to us in a way that helps our caregivers, it means the world to me,” said Briggs.