East Texas family warns of bacteria in Lake Palestine ahead of Memorial Day

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The Rogers family spent Mother’s Day by the water. They were noodling, or hand-fishing for catfish. Ryan Rogers accidentally stabbed himself with a fin.

“By the time we got off the water, his joints were starting to lock up,” said Caitlin Rogers, Ryan’s wife.

And within a few hours they say he had a fever and his hand was extremely swollen.

“When we got to the ER, they automatically admitted him to the hospital and the surgeon looked at his x-rays, and then they started prepping him for surgery,” said Caitlin.

They cleaned the wound, put in a drain and took a sample to test. The culture came back as Vibrio Cholera, which is a bacteria that lives in brackish water.

So with a big holiday weekend coming up, parents might be wondering if they should be concerned about their kids going to the lake.

We contacted the Texas Department of State Health Services.

They tell us they do not have any confirmed cases of the bacteria at Lake Palestine that is known to cause Necrotizing Faciitis, often referred to as “flesh eating bacteria”.

They sent us this statement…

“Many types of organisms in water can cause an infection if they get into an open wound. We recommend that anyone with an open wound (cuts, scrapes, fresh tattoos, blisters, bites, etc.) stay out of bodies of water until the wound has healed.”


If you do get a cut while in a body of water, they recommend immediately cleaning the wound with soap and water. And get to a doctor if there are any signs of infection.

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