MORRIS COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – It is going to take a lot to clean up all the damage the tornado caused to parts of Hughes Springs.

A home in the area and City Hall suffered damage, but it doesn’t compare to the Hughes Springs Volunteer Fire Department.

It is completely destroyed, the roof is blown off and you can see right through the building.

Jay Cates, the Fire Chief, confirmed it is a total loss.

Communities far and wide are helping to clean up pieces of debris.

Fire departments from as far as 50 miles away are coming to help in anyway they can.

The Fire Chief says any untouched equipment will go to local storage units and local fire departments will help with calls until they can replace what is broken.

The National Weather Service is going to arrive between Saturday and Sunday to survey the damage.

“It was disbelief, I still can’t believe it’s happened, but everyone’s working hard. Other departments are here today helping out and everything,” said Fire chief Cates.

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