LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — East Texas Food Bank is going to open its second resource center in south Longview next month. The organization says it’s all a part of their strategic plan to expand programs, to feed more people.

“They are able to come in, and they have a choice, as to what they can buy. We’re always going to have produce available to them, generally have meat available to them, so high protein items,” said David Emerson, East Texas Food Bank, CEO.

Also, offering other aid to those that need it. “Be someone here that is suggesting rental assistance, legal aid, medical screenings, those types of things,” said Emerson.
This location reaches more people by operating some evenings and weekends.

David Emerson, CEO of East Texas Food Bank shared what the experience is like at the new agency.

“The first time, we gather some information, after that they will just have a card that identifies who they are, they are able to come in and start shopping, and so we’ll have someone that goes with them,” said Emerson.

According to “Map the Meal Gap,” a study by Feeding America, an estimated 15% of Gregg County residents are food insecure.

“The biggest thing is that it really it impacts the community because we actually believe that, out of this food pantry here is that we will serve a million meals is what we will serve to the Longview community,” said Emerson.

Adding that the resource center will be open for East Texans in mid-October. If people need assistance with meals now, you can find food, through East Texas Food Bank online.

“We just want to be able to bless them, and help them and their families and the community,” said Emerson.