TYLER, Texas (KETK)- As omicron variant cases surge, nurses have said they are starting to feel overwhelmed. Healthcare providers are looking to fill positions right now to help lighten the load for their exhausted workers.

Since the pandemic, the nursing community has been facing difficulties in staffing.

“We also have a lot of people who you know have been impacted. We have some offices that have half of their staff out sick right now because of COVID,” said Director of Talent Acquisition, Shelly Catalina.

At Home Healthcare said they are facing two challenges; an increase of positive cases in their patients and staff.

“We already prior to the pandemic had staffing needs. When we add to that- the pandemic, we started having caregivers and staff members experiencing extreme stress and burnout,” said Director of Centralized Nursing, Amanda Stone.

According to the American Nurses Association, more than half a million experienced professionals are expected to retire this year. In order to keep up with demand, more than a million new nurses will be needed.

“We have 13 locations. We are certainly in need of nurses, therapists, attendants. And our pediatrics locations and adult care locations and community care and we even have an outdoor support division where we continue to need lots of staff,” said Stone.

In order to help solve this problem, At Home Healthcare has attracted recruits by offering better benefits.

“We have increased our PTO for full-time staff members. We have a 401k. These are the kinds of things that people are looking forward to and what will their future look like. What’s in it for me? Are you going to take care of me as a nurse the same way you expect me to care for patients?” said Stone.

With hopes that additional help comes forth very soon. As our frontline heroes adapt to fight this changing virus.